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How to create a short Facebook or LinkedIn URL with a domain name

A domain name can be more than just the home of your awesome website, but a way to brand yourself online. One new and creative way to use a domain that is quickly gaining in popularity is using a domain like .info or .net as a short and memorable name that forwards directly to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile.

Setting up a New Domain to forward to your Facebook or LinkedIn is incredibly easy. Below are the two steps to setting up URL forwarding to your profile:

1. Go to your domain in your account and click the “Domain Forwarding” link then click “Manage Domain Forwarding”

Ensure that your name server as follows:

Name Servers

2. Once you’ve click this, you’ll be brought to the URL Forwarding page. All you need to do on this page is type in your Facebook or LinkedIn profile URL. In the screenshot

“Select On radio button under Path Forwarding section for enabling this feature”

Here is how we set up to forward to a Facebook profile (

That’s it, URL forwarding to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile is set up and working! The example above is live and in action here: